ESTA US Department of Homeland Security

Australian citizens have the liberty to take a trip to the U.S. much like participants of few other countries thanks to their ability to a U.S. waiver visa through the VWP.   Pre-approved standing is ascertained through a Department of Homeland Security questionnaire that decides an applicants suitability for a USA e-visa dependent on security and other criteria. A form that takes 5 minutes can instantly stop your vacation, whether you plan to stay or have a different last destination, if you do not acquire pre-approved travel authorization and United States visa waiver status. A detailed understanding of the VWP and the further documentation required for travel with a United States Visa is a vital step for Australians looking for a vacation in the USA. For travel simplicity of VWP members and U.S. authorities alike, the ESTA travel authorization form was launched on January 12, 2009 to pre-screen and limit access. 

The traditional VWP USA visa-vetting procedures are more than enough to qualify or disqualify non-VWP citizens, in the same way the electronic questionnaire is more than enough to permit or reject U.S. waiver visa applicants.  A standard US visa applicant is required to show up at an interview at the embassy and possibly wait approximately 60 days to find out the result, in contrast to a VWP USA electronic visa which must be done 72 hours before departure and takes 5 minutes.  USA visas are not easy things to come by, and neither is VWP status, and the two are awarded to countries whose residents theoretically have more to lose by violating U.S. electronic visa rules and leaving their homeland than someone fleeing a war zone or economic collapse.   Access to the U.S. e-visa system by means of the Visa Waiver Program is moreover not guaranteed as the privilege to the programme may be terminated anytime.

Dying and taxes are certain, your electronic United States visa is not, as the peak two-year entry authorization might possibly be (and usually has been) changed due to uncertainty and/or safety measures considerations about your basis countryside. VWP position is not to be taken for granted and citizens of member nations, like Australia, show the appreciation for the ease of obtaining USA tourist visas by not having large overstay rates.