Three Must-Go Museums in New York, USA

One of the most culturally vibrant and richest cities in the world must necessarily have some of the greatest museums of the planet. See below three museums you simply cannot miss when planning your next trip to New York. 1. Metropolitan Museum of Art Also known as «The Met», the well-known Metropolitan Museum of Art […]

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A Guide to Renting and Driving an RV in America

Recreational Vehicles or RVs are as American as apple pie. Many Americans own one and enjoy traveling throughout the country with it. Modern RVs are very comfortable and have many convenient features such as a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room with television. An RV can be considered a moving hotel, allowing the person using them to travel […]

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Taking a Cruise in Alaska: A Wildlife Paradise

The American State of Alaska is one of the world’s best locations for nature trips. With its vast size and scarce population, Alaska is home to amazing wildlife, national parks and mountains. Visiting Alaska is a challenge because of the enormous size of the state and the difficulty in reaching some of the most remote […]

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A Guide to San Francisco: America’s Most Beautiful City

America has its fair share of beautiful cities but only one of them takes the crown: San Francisco. Located in northern California, San Francisco is a lovely town that combines a beautiful setting with amazingly eclectic architecture and one of the most diverse populations in the United States. The area around San Francisco is also […]

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The Eight Most Popular Golf Courses In Florida

In Florida is home to almost 1,800 golf courses and the quality of the greens leave no wishes open and the service is regarded as unique. The six Gulf regions, where you will find the most golf courses are around Jacksonville Florida, Tampa, Naples, Orlando, Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Many professional golfers […]

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The California Wine Country

The California Wine Country California is the state in the USA where the most wine is produced. Every year millions of litres of good quality table wine are produced in this USA state, as well as more and more of high quality vintage wines. The best-known wine growing regions in the state are the Sonoma […]

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Transiting through Miami International Airport

Miami International Airport or MIA as locals call it is the second busiest airport for international travelers to the United States after JFK airport and is the gateway to Latin America and the Caribbean.  Given the extensive flight coverage to the Latin America and Caribbean region many international travelers transit through Miami en route to […]

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A Guide to New York’s JFK International Airport

New York is the largest and most cosmopolitan city in the United States and that is reflected by its main airport: JFK International Airport.  Although not the largest airport in the United States in terms of passenger numbers, JFK is the top airport for international travelers in the country.  Chances are that if you are […]

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Top 10 Destinations in Florida for Children

Top 10 Destinations in Florida for Children The United States is one of the best places in the world to travel with children. And there’s no better location for children in the U.S. than Florida. From beaches to theme parks to national parks, there are so many different places to visit that children will enjoy […]

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The Top 5 Outlet Malls in the United States

The Top 5 Outlet Malls Traveling to the United States brings many pleasures: visiting vibrant cities, world-class museums, eating delicious food and meeting interesting locals – but let’s face it – shopping is at the top of the list of most visitors to the country. And it should be given the incredible choice available, the […]

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