US customs and border protection ESTA

The Visa Waiver Program was developedto better help in the admittance of member-nation home owners into the U.S. and is endorsed through an speedy online U.S. electronic visa system.   ESTA travel authorization is obtained through the U.S. e-visa procurement procedure, an online form which won’t guarantee entry, but does sort ineligible entrants from qualified. Whether or not you are connecting via a U.S. airport or intend to get your 90-day visa at Immigration, ESTA travel authorization is mandatory before arrival. ESTA travel authorization, and understanding the process, is every bit as important for Australians travelling under the VWP as packing your bags.  For travel convenience of VWP members and U.S. authorities alike, the ESTA travel authorization form was started on January 12, 2009 to pre-analyze and control access. 

Vetting through the use of the U.S. waiver visa system is not suitable with the VWP, whose purpose is to not overload the standard visa application channels, and the US electronic visa system is repetitive for visa owners.  Not less than 72 hours prior to departure, 5 minutes of completing an ESTA travel authorization form is all that separates a VWP national from the CBP counter, whereas a standard visa applicant is potentially waiting 60 days.  Australia is among those regions that the U.S. deems presently to possess government and economic systems in place that are secure, and so are eligible for VWP membership and USA electronic visa access on account of a lesser chance of visa overstay. 

To say that the American visa waiver standing of your country may change is an understatement, since several countries have been considered for locked-out status. The Two-year windows for ESTA travel consent via the United States automated program is standard (depending on  the remaining passport validity), and yet is subject to change in the occurrence of a security situation or home region upheaval.  VWP reputation is not to be taken for granted and citizens of member nations, like Australia, show their appreciation for the ease of obtaining USA tourist visas by not having large overstay rates.