How to check if my ESTA is still valid

Visa Waiver Program status is given only to nationals of states whom the U.S. has confirmed are honest enough for a simplified entry program, and thus be unlikely to abuse their USA tourist visa.  While non-VWP members find themselves mired in papers and significant vetting before getting near a visa for the U.S., VWP program participants must only complete an online questionnaire – ESTA Application. A U.S. waiver visa is compulsory for all individuals wanting a VWP 90-day U.S. trip, but is equally needed even for those with connecting flights in the U.S.  VWP status makes travelling to the U.S. for Australians relatively uncomplicated, but familiarizing yourself with the VWP and the U.S. electronic visa entry steps makes the task even simpler. 

Carried out on January 12, 2009, the online USA travel visa application process provides an additional layer of vetting for Visa Waiver Programme citizens going to or through the US.  The conventional VWP USA visa-vetting steps are adequate to qualify or disqualify non-VWP citizens, much like the electronic questionnaire is good enough to permit or reject U.S. waiver visa applicants.  Typical USA travel visa applications can take approximately 60 days soon after the interview to process, whereas 72 hours ahead of travel is the recommended deadline for VWP electronic authorization applications.  Australia is among those nations around the world that the USA deems currently to have government and economic systems in place that are stable, and accordingly are fitting for VWP membership and USA electronic visa access simply because of a lesser likelihood of visa overstay. 

If you believe your visa for USA admission is secure, think that again. International locations have lost their membership because of societal turmoil or protection concerns.   The 2-year windows for ESTA travel permission via the United States automated program is conventional (depending on  the remaining passport validity), and still is subject to change in the circumstance of a security concern or home nation turmoil.  The VWP is reliant on citizens of member regions sticking to the terms of the american visa; Australia has done so repeatedly since from the beginning.