How long does it take to get an ESTA

Visa Waiver Program status is given only to nationals of places whom the U.S. has decided are honest enough for a simplified entry system, and thus be unlikely to misuse their USA tourist visa.  Future tourists seeking a U.S. waiver visa have to be vetted via ESTA travel authorization pre-approval questionnaire compulsory before acquiring a visa to the U.S.  This added automated task to entry additionally acts as a further guarantee measure to make sure only those legally visiting for their specified intentions are permitted entry or passage via the U.S. and given a U.S. waiver. 

    If you are hailing from a VWP member country such as Australia, just before packing your bags and creating your schedule, make an effort to understand more about the American visa waiver system.  The Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) Visa process is an additional security measure applied for VWP travellers wanting entry to the U.S. that was implemented on January 12, 2009.     The Visa Waiver Programme applies only to member states who, therefore, do not have to apply for visas, the same way non-VWP members do not have to apply for ESTA travel authorization. 

Typical USA travel visa applications can take as long as 60 days after the interview to process, whereas 72 hours right before travel is the recommended deadline for VWP electronic authorization applications.  Australia is among those locations that the UNITED STATES deems currently to possess government and economic systems in place that are solid, and so are ideal for VWP membership and USA electronic visa access mainly because of a lower possibility of visa overstay.  USA tourist visas and the VWP status of your nation is subject to change or revocation, for safety, economic or other factors.   Modification or revocation of United States automated entry authorization is entirely possible, either based on origin land disorder or security concerns.  United states Visa Waiver Programme members are admitted with the recognition that the nationals will be supposed to fulfill the obligation that convenience of United States travel.