ESTA for Australian citizens

For a good number of inhabitants of Visa Waiver Program nations, such as Australia, obtaining your American Visa is as quick as submitting the online authorization application. The VWP enables qualified travellers to abstain from the complex and extensive United States visa application system, but rather does primary pre-arrival classification through automation. Whether you are transiting through or visiting the U.S., anyone seeking 90-day visas and people utilizing the USA’s way-point both need USA electronic visa authorization. As Australians are party to the VWP, it is beneficial for you to comprehend what this status and the pre-screening additional step needed for a United States tourist visa mean for your travels to, or through, the U.S.

To seal any security gaps that the VWP might leave, the electronic authorization system was put forward to pre-analyze for any such issues and non-eligibility situations that might come up when members seek an American visa. The Visa Waiver Programme is applicable solely to member states who, as such, do not have to apply for visas, the same manner non-VWP members do not have to submit an application for ESTA travel authorization. 72 hours is the recommended application time prior to departure for VWP members to obtain their USA e-visa, as opposed to the needed interview and nearly 60 days of processing time expected for a typical visa.

Nations like Australia that have attained VWP status usually are economically and societally stable, thus decreasing the probability of overstaying their American visa resulting from national or financial unrest. Some nations are apparently in the process of getting their VWP USA status cancelled as a consequence of security issues, while others previously lost their status owing to economic and governmental turmoil. Modification or revocation of US electronic entry permission is entirely possible, either based on origin land disorder or security concerns. The moment VWP status has become available to Australian and New Zealand citizens, it has since been used in a way that is basically consistent with the provisions of the U.S. waiver visas supported.