Close ESTA application

Australians need to know that although VWP status permits more convenient admittance to the U.S., ESTA travel authorization is a mandatory extra step before admittance. Although non-VWP members find themselves involved in documents and considerable vetting before getting near a visa for the U.S., VWP program members must only submit an online form. A form that takes 5 minutes can immediately stop your travel, whether you plan to stay or have a different final destination, if you do not get a hold of pre-approved travel authorization and United States visa waiver status.

Australians, as VWP members, have a vested interest in totally comprehending the American e-visa system and how it affects their travel schedules.  Both to ascertain eligibility and for added security measures, USA electronic visas have functioned since January 12, 2009 as an additional buffer between VWP travellers and U.S. soil.   The Visa Waiver Programme can be applied solely to member states who, as a result, do not have to apply for visas, the same way non-VWP members do not have to submit an application for ESTA travel authorization.  72 hours before arrival is the advised online application lead-time for VWP members, in contrast to the expected 60-day post-interview for other American visa applicants.  Australia is an example of a VWP member nation that was added in the US e-visa programme due to unwavering economic and governmental reliability, which are generally two noteworthy conditions that greatly reduces the potential for violating the terms of entry.    

To say that the American visa waiver standing of your country may change is an understatement, since some countries have already been considered for locked-out status. When your ESTA visa status is normally current for up-to 2 years, staying alert of your country’s actual and predicted VWP entry can easily make your Usa drive a decent deal less tense.  Anytime VWP status became accessible to Australian citizens, it has ever since been used in a way that is generally persistent with the stipulations of the U.S. waiver visas granted.