ESTA Application for Australian citizens

Australian citizens have the freedom to take a trip to the U.S. much like participants of few other countries thanks to their ability to a U.S. waiver visa through the VWP.   ESTA travel authorization is collected through the U.S. e-visa procurement procedure, an online form which is not going to assure entry, but does sort out disqualified entrants from eligible. No matter whether you have a connecting flight or are considering a fun-filled 89 nights in Vegas, setting foot in the U.S., or even at the airport, requires a USA electronic visa.   VWP status makes going to the U.S. for Australians somewhat painless, but familiarizing yourself with the VWP and the U.S. electronic visa entry procedures makes the task even simpler.  VWP status by itself ceased being good enough for U.S. entry after January 12, 2009, as the U.S. e-visa program was carried out as a pre-screening measure for eligibility and security. 

The U.S. Visa application process requires a different set of forms & information and does not entail electronic authorization, while Australians and other VWP nationals are required to apply with the aid of the U.S. e-visa system.  At least 72 hours ahead of departure, 5 minutes of completing an ESTA travel authorization form is all that stands between a VWP national from the CBP counter, while a standard visa applicant is oftentimes waiting 60 days.  VWP status is not awarded arbitrarily, with nations like Australia having been awarded simpler access to U.S. visas owing to a record of efficient administration and financial capabilities, which are crucial factors in controlling unchecked economic migration. 

To say that the American visa waiver status of your country may change is an understatement, since some countries have been evaluated for locked-out status. The Two-year windows for ESTA travel authorisation with the US automated computer system is basic (depending on  the remaining passport legality), and yet is subject to change in the occasion of a security concern or home place difficulty.  Overstays could possibly be a make-or-break situation in VWP membership and one that Australians show the acknowledgment for via really low USA visa overstay rates.