May 10, 2015

Computer Requirements to submit an ESTA application

How does my computer need to be equipped in order to submit an application for an ESTA Visa USA to travel to the United States?

The minimum computer configuration to be able to access the online system and submitting you application for United States travel authorisation are very simple, and any modern computer will meet the requirements. In any case, if your computer is older or if you have not updated your software in a very long time, make sure your computer has updated versions of:

  • An Internet browser that supports 128-bit encryption.
  • All modern browsers have 128-bit encryption or above.
  • All major browsers are supported.

For example, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Chromium, Firefox, and Safari. If you have any of these, just make sure you are using the latest version. Please verify the release of the browser is the most up to date, and that it is able to accept cookies and has JavaScript enabled.

Usually all browsers accept cookies, and are JavaScript-compatible and enabled. However in public computers such as those in libraries, cybercafés and call centres, it is possible that some of these configurations are modified.